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About the Hotel

Discover Saranda!

The idea of building a capsule room hotel was born from the owner's brother after seeing how similar hotels existed in Europe, specifically in Germany where she lived. During the pandemic on a visit to the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica, he was forced to stay and materialized the innovative idea where our boutique hotel is currently located.

It is a new concept in the country that puts in the first place the comfort and well-being of the rest of the guests, providing the capsules with all the amenities that are required in a first-class hotel: air conditioning, smart TVs, storage spaces, privacy, soundproofing and great connectivity capacity.

Finally, the name "Saranda" was given to it because the daughter of the same creator is so called and it is also a beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea, with paradisiacal beaches and a hospitable population, as we understand it is the population of our beloved South Caribbean.

Our team

For Saranda Boutique Hotel, our staff is a cornerstone of good performance and excellent attention to our guests.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to recognize each of the members who make possible the daily operation of the hotel and the services and products we offer.

Cleaning Department

Lidieth Madrigal - Area manager

Keylin Chavez - Housekeeper

Maintenance and Security Department

Gilberth Rodriguez - Maintenance manager

Ricardo Morales - Security

Kitchen Department

Marianela Pizarro - Manager

Kelin Sanchez - Kitchen helper

Bar Department

Karin Arguedas -Bar Manager

Yibran Urbina- Bartender


Cristian Astua- General Manager